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About us
Here at the Grüner Baum, we place special emphasis on a personal atmosphere in which every guest immediately feels comfortable and welcome.
Our hotel is family run and because of the small number of rooms it cannot accommodate buses or groups of more than 10 people, and is therefore aimed specifically at the individual guest or small groups with a high demand for special quality.

We want you to enjoy your stay in the Franconian metropolis of Würzburg. Our house offers you with its comfortably furnished rooms, friendly service and our typical Franconian breakfast buffet the appropriate setting. We are convinced that you will feel at home with us.

Your family Uhlmann and employees

The "Grüner Baum" historical

1875 to1979

The "Grüner Baum" through the ages

The "Green Tree", below the Marienberg Fortress, has always been a restaurant.

1912 family Weippert

From 1912 until the Uhlmann family took over in 1980, the Grüner Baum was owned by the Weippert family. Unfortunately, the Grüner Baum, like almost all of Würzburg, was destroyed during the war.

For sale

After the war, the building was rebuilt in 1948/49 according to the circumstances and managed by Margarete Weippert until her retirement. Shortly thereafter in 1979, the Green Tree, as a "wine cellar pub with house" was offered for sale. Original text excerpt of the advertisement: "Best Exsitenz for those, which want to become independent." Spelling mistake included. ;-)

The "Grüner Baum" historical (more)

Start of new construction in 1980 and opening in 1982

The current new building

After the purchase of the building by the Uhlmann family, the construction of the new building began in 1980.

Summer 1982 Finally ready!

Advertisement in the Main Post in June 1982 for the opening.

Braas company advertising

With the Uhlmann couple and the new building, you can advertise.